Juniper Sync

Starting January 1, 2023 our new Landscaping and Irrigation Vendor is Juniper Landscaping.  February 1, 2023 their Juniper Sync system will go live for our community which will facilitate each homeowner to submit, track and see all their tickets (e-forms) to Juniper directly.  If you prefer to email or call you can do so as well.  Please click on the links below to obtain more information.

Quick Links:

To register for Juniper Sync online, click here.

To send an email to Juniper customer service for a ticket, email [email protected]

To call Juniper to place a ticket, call (239) 561-5980.

Welcome Letter

HOA Welcome to Juniper Sync Letter

Juniper Sync Registration Options

Juniper Sync Registration

Juniper Sync Tutorial

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