Landscaping Committee

Committee Members

Katrina Vought
Keisha Grimes
Gregg Milu
Mario Serrano
Diana Mota McGarvey
Kari Cueva
Olga Barba

Vision statement:

Provide a venue for homeowners to volunteer with the goal of creating a beautiful community for our residents and guests while increasing the desirability of owning a home in Laguna Isles.

Mission statement:

The Landscape Committee Members will assist the Laguna Isle Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors (BOD) to provide suggestions and feedback on the community’s landscaping plans and service provided by contractors. The committee will create a process for the acquisition of services and source selection as needed.

Our mission is to help create and sustain beautiful common areas and manicured homeowner lawns that will be the envy of all associations nearby.  Once created, we will continuously improve them so that we can all enjoy our neighborhood for many years to come and help increase our property values. Improve the real common property by recommending projects that within the budget.

  • We will develop long term common area goals to improve common area landscaping, lower costs such as irrigation maintenance and tree trimming.
  • keep costs for Common Area landscaping reasonable.
  • Communicate and potentially resolve your common area concerns and issues with our property management company and the landscaping contractors.
  • Create requests for proposals and provide vendor rankings to the board of directors for source selection.

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