(AMENDED 4/21/04, 9/14/04, 11/09/04 & 1/11/05,8/31/18)

The following are additions to guidelines in the HOMEOWNER’S DOCUMENTS

  1. All gutters and downspouts (if applicable) must match as close as possible to existing fascia and trim of the house. All downspouts are to be located at the sides of the house, away from the front elevation.  Water run off must be directed towards the rear of the house.
  2. All hurricane shutters are to remain in the open position or removed (if applicable) at all times except when a hurricane watch is issued, when they may be closed.  Shutters must be removed or must be re-opened within 24 hours of the lifting of a hurricane watch or warning.
  3. Any additions to pavers must match existing pavers in color, shape, style and pattern.
  4. All hedging materials installed by owners must be trimmed on all sides and top by the homeowner at the homeowner’s expense, and be maintained at no higher than six feet on dry lots only.  Hedges must be set back two feet from the property line.
  5. No plantings are allowed around the trees in the swales.
  6. Front doors may be changed with Architectural Control Committee approval, provided the door frames and surroundings are painted the same color as the orginal.
    1. Double Doors which are the same color as the body trim or trim of the house
    2. Decorative glass may be allowed, but must be frosted, clear or etched design- no colored glass.
  7. The following fence types are allowed:
    1. Lake front lots – 4ft high white aluminum rail open picket fences only.
    2. Dry lots, either 4ft high white aluminum open picket fences, or 6 ft. high shadow box fences, unless there is an existing fence, in which case it must match the set back.  Shadow box fences must be set back a minimum of 25 feet from the front of the house or equal to the back wall of the house, whichever is less. The landscaper recommends that a 5 ft. wide gate be provided to allow for access of lawnmowers.
  8. Awnings are allowed but conform to the following:
    1. Located only in the rear of the house
    2. Must be retractable
    3. Made of canvas or similar material
    4. Earth tone colors similar to the body, roof or trim of the house
    5. Must be maintained, i.e., clean of mildew/dirt/mold and be replaced ir torn or faded.  If it is not maintained, homeowner will be required to remove the awning.
  9. Borders:
    1. Made of brick/stone or cement
    2. Earth tones to blend with color of the house or brick pavers
    3. Used to outline garden beds and walkways to the front of the property
    4. Not allowed in the swale
    5. Height limited to 6 inches
    6. Border must be secured by mortar or cement
  10. On completion of all pool decks or extensions to patios drainage or a change that may affect drainage and elevation, a surveyor’s certificate confirming final elevations and drainage must be submitted to the Association.
  11. If relocation of removal of trees is required, a permit must be obtained from the City of Pembroke Pines.
  12. All alterations or repairs to the irrigation system brought about by any addition or change must be completed by Palm Beach Broward.  Please contact Palm Beach Broward before any work is done. FAX to 561-364-5297 for an estimate of the cost.  This is at the homeowner’s expense.
  13.  Watercraft:  UPDATE IN PROGRESS
  14. Homeowner’s are required to limit running their pool filtration pumps to the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 pm.
  15. Satellite Dishes are limited to 2 dishes on one house, unless special circumstances are presented with the application.
  16. Trees:
    1. Ficus trees or ficus hedges will not be allowed.
    2. Any fruit bearing trees must be set back 7 1/2 ft from the property line.