Barcode Installations

Barcode Installations are held every 2nd Saturday of the Month, unless scheduled otherwise.

If you are in need of a barcode earlier than that, you can schedule a Concierge Barcode Service via for an extra fee of $25.

Barcodes cost $10 each and can be paid with Cash and/or Credit/Debit.

Click here for the for Barcode Installations.

Parking Boss

Welcome to our new Parking Attendant for Laguna Isles

Parking is a valuable amenity at our community. Our new Parking Attendant will help keep everyone accountable so parking is stress-free, more available, and fair. You must register your vehicles and guest vehicles to park in our community. Failure to do so may result in tow, immobilization, or fees.

What can you do on Parking Attendant?

» View our parking rules
» Register your guest vehicles
» Check your guest parking usage
» Lookup Violations, and more

To register your vehicles on Parking Attendant, scan or go to:

To register a vehicle you will need:

1. License plate number
2. Unit information or address
3. Unit passcode
4. Vehicle make, model, and color
5. Email and phone number

How to a register vehicle:

1. Scan the QR code or visit the attendant url
2. Choose “Register Vehicle” under Resident Parking
3. Complete all information in the registration form
4. Click or tap register vehicle to complete registration

All vehicles must be registered with the virtual parking attendant and must be registered from 10pm to 7am if parked in guest parking area.

If a guest will be parked in a guest parking area longer that 25 hours, please fill out a Parking Boss E-Form for more information.

IMPORTANT: Carefully input all information correctly. Resident or guest permits that don’t match the license plate are in violation. Contact management if you feel you’ve made an error during registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times do I need to register a vehicle in a guest parking spot or parked in a street?

10pm to 7am

Why is it important to register a vehicle not parked in a driveway, i.e. street, guest parking, etc.?

If a car is parked elsewhere then a driveway and needs to be moved because it is blocking, the license plate can be run to the address it is registered and asked to have the vehicle moved rather than having it towed. Also knowing which vehicles belong in our community deters criminal activity.

How many hours can a vehicle be registered in one week?

A vehicle can be registered 25 hours in one week, per vehicle.

What can I do if I have a guest that can not park in my driveway, that will be staying for more than 3 days?

Fill out the Parking Boss E-Form and ask for a special permit.

What happens if I have special circumstances due to a work vehicle?

Fill out the Parking Boss E-Form and detail your circumstances.

Can you park on the street?

We encourage every guest to use Guest Parking, but in the event that it is not available Guests can park on the street without blocking anyone’s driveway, fire hydrant or sidewalk.  Also when parking on the street there may be no double side parking, meaning once a car is parked on one side of the street, another car can not park on the other as this goes against the State Fire Code Section Any emergency vehicle must have at least 20 feet access on a road. If you park on the street at any time of the day or night, you park at your own risk as you can be ticketed or towed by Pembroke Pines Police (this is out of our control as they can enforce the State Fire Code). Also any guest or resident who parks on the street between 10pm-7am needs to register their vehicle (this is not to receive a violation for Parking Boss).

Does the “Tow On” ever drop off after a certain timeframe or does that pretty much stay forever?
It stays for approximately 1 year

What happens if you put down too many hours,(example, I put 6 hours when only need 4), can you delete the wrong one entered and re enter a new one with the correct/less amount of time?  It seems that any entry you make, there’s no way to fix or adjust it real time.
Yes, as long as you click (all the way down) by the Register button and select that you would like to be notified by BOTH text and email- then you are able to cancel your hours through that text or email.

Is the 7 days a rolling 7 days, meaning every day the 7th day’s hours fall off or does it run for example from a Monday to Monday?  How exactly are the 7 days counted?
It’s a rolling 7 day. Example, Monday you register the car for 5 hours and then you wont be getting those 5 hours back until the next Monday same timeframe.

Where did these parking rules come from (i.e. No resident parking allowed in Guest Parking, No Street Parking, No cars parked over the sidewalk, etc)?
These rules are all stipulated in the Declarations of the HOA.  You can find the Declarations in the Documents/Forms section of this website. The 25 hour limit in guest parking in a 7 day period was set so a car cannot park every night in Guest Parking. That would defeat the purpose of Guest Parking. If there is a specific reason a Guest needs to Park more than 25 hours a week the homeowner would need to request a special permit.  Please note hours do not need to be recored until 10pm through 7am.