Architectural Control Committee



1.  All applications must be submitted on the Version 2 application to Pointe  Management Group via e-form, mail or in person.

2.  A copy of the survey of the property with proposed additions marked on it must accompany the application.

3.  If necessary the recommendations of the committee will be ratified at the next Board Meeting.

4.  All approvals are for aesthetic purposes only and do not relieve you as the homeowner of ensuring that all necessary permits and governmental approvals are obtained.

5.  You as the homeowner, are responsible for all of the damage that may occur.  A deposit is required to repair any damage to the common areas as a result of construction.  A deposit of $500.00 is required for construction of a pool , installation of a fence, pavers or other construction that might cause damage.  The deposit checks must accompany the application and would be returned if the application was not approved.  After the project is completed, inspected and found to be in compliance, and there is no damage caused by the construction, the deposit will be refunded.

6.  All work sites must be kept clean and all debris and trash must be removed on a daily basis.

7.  Any oil spills must be cleaned immediately.

8.  You should retain licensed contractors and obtain copies of their construction and trade licenses, insurances including liability and worker’s compensation prior to starting work, for your own protection.

9.  All exterior work areas are required to be protected by appropriate barricades and safety devices.  All costs and arrangements for such barricades and safety devices are the responsibility of the homeowner.

10.  Upon completion of all changes, homeowner must notify Pointe Management Group for inspection.

11. Homeowners are required to obtain necessary permits from the City of Pembroke Pines.